Stgt.-Hohenheim Samstag, 16. November 2019 17 Uhr


Fugato-Projekt: jugendliche Flüchtlinge singen gemeinsam

Studio-Konzert im Landratsamt Tübingen (8 min) hier: link:

Musik verbindet Jugendliche aus Afghanistan, Gambia, Deutschland, Türkei

Ausführliche Infos unter folgender Seite:

Knabenchor collegium iuvenum Stuttgart

Dieser in Stuttgart bekannte Knabenchor wurde von Strasbourg engagiert, er singt das Strasbourger Programm vorab hier in Stuttgart.

Hier eine musikalische Probe:

Isabelle Marx Singing Teacher and Performer

Isabelle Marx was trained as a classical singer. She then did further training with the Roy Hart Theatre, with the ethnomusicologist Martina Catella in Paris and the Feldenkrais teacher François Combeau.

In 1999, she created the performing company Courant d’Art ( based in Strasbourg, France. She regularly performs in the musical and theatrical productions of the company. She also works as an organiser of intercultural artistic events.

Her company is a recognised training organisation for professional artists and regularly organises courses and workshops for professional actors and singers.

In 2006, her company became the coordinator for France in the MUS-E programme of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation which works within mainly primary schools all over Europe in difficult suburbs to reduce racism, violence and exclusion through the arts.

Her particular passion is to explore widely different singing techniques which come from different singing cultures all over the world.